First Step To Taking Action

Here is a wonderful story that has always inspired me to take action.

“The Desert Bedouin”

Petra, Jordan

An elder Desert Bedouin wished to visit a friend, who lived in a far away land. The Bedouin did not have a camel or a horse nor did he have a magic carpet. He was a very simple man.
One day he decided to begin his journey on foot to visit his dear friend.
It took him weeks and weeks of traveling through the desert, climbing the mountains, crossing the rivers and conquering his fears and doubts upon his solo journey.
At long last he reached his destination and arrived at his friend’s house.
His friend was overjoyed to see him.
Welcome, welcome old man.
How did you manage to get here by yourself?
The Bedouin said: “I took the first step towards my journey and didn’t look back. I just kept moving and was looking forward to seeing you and your family.”

This is a wonderful story to remember, when we are inspired to act. yet hesitate to take the first step of action toward our goals and dreams.

Whether you are ready or not: What is one thing, you have been wanting to do or accomplish, that you can begin right now?

To Your Health

Fred Shadian

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