Barley Grass Benefits

  Barley Grass Benefits Over a dozen studies in several universities show the extract of young barley leaves to be a useful and therapeutic agent. Barley Grass contains calcium, iron, chlorophyll, flavonoids, vitamin B12, vitamin C, trace minerals, naturally occurring enzymes, and all of the essential amino acids. Barley Grass has been reported to relieve […]

WheatGrass Benefits

  Wheatgrass Juice Powder Wheatgrass benefits are rich in nutritional food that was discovered by Charles F. Schnabel, an agricultural chemist, in 1930. Later popularized by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore in 1968. Wheatgrass contains a great variety of  vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. According to Dr. Wigmore; 1 pound of wheatgrass is equal in […]

Vibrational Cleanse: Take the first step toward your success journey.

“Take the first step toward your success journey” So having a positive mental image and the physical energy to pursue your outcome is very important. When in doubt, begin by breathing correctly, mentally rehearse your outcome, eat vibrant food, drink good water, go for a walk or do some exercise, and surround yourselves with like-minded […]