Book Review: Scalar Prana Human Energy System

“As an avid reader of health, wellness and energy healing books, once in a while a great book lands in my hands.

As I began to read The Human Energy System, I just did not want to put it down, reading it from cover to cover.
This book is becoming a great reference book in my library.

The Human Energy System is written by a masterful Healer and Teacher, Fe Pacheco.
Her writing style and content is suitable for someone new to Energy work as well as those well familiar, practiced and studied in this field.
I find that every page has gems, even though I’ve been studying and teaching energetic healing  and energetic martial arts for the last two decades.
This mighty book is loaded with well researched topics.
Beautiful colour images illustrate major chakras and secondary major chakras in their individual colour combinations.
Scalar energy and entry points, meridians and auras all become easier to understand and utilize.
Fe Pacheco covers the physical systems of the human body and their organs through a quick and a simple explanation, including: Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System, Muscular System, Skelton System and Digestive System, Etc.
I recommend this book as a foundational book for anyone who wants to understand the human body at a deeper level and learn how to powerfully impact their wellbeing through energy healing.”
Book Review by Fred Shadian 

What is ScalarPrana:

ScalarPrana is the power-packed combination of two universal energies: Scalar Energy and Prana.
Scalar energy is pure energy from the inexhaustible vacuum of the universe,
and Prana comes from the sun and other elements of the natural world.
Together they can be harnessed for multi-level healing through ScalarPrana Therapy techniques.
Both energies can be absorbed, cultivated, integrated, transferred and re-directed to heal yourself, other people, your relationships, business or career, pets and even plants.
ScalarPrana Therapy makes use of both the scalar zones and the chakras.
The scalar energy zones and the chakras are distinct from each other.

The scalar zones are entry points of scalar energy, while the chakras are entry points of prana.
When scalar zones are activated and aligned, the body is able to harness scalar energy easily for the sustenance of prana in the body, for its health as well as healing.

Founder of ScalarPrana:

FE PACHECO is the founder of the ScalarPrana Therapeutic System and the author of ScalarPrana Primer: The Human Energy System.
With over 25 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities, she has been teaching and conducting energy healing workshops through-out Europe, Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and her home country, the Philippines.

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Fred Shadian


  1. I also much enjoyed reading Fe Pacheco’s book ScalarPrana™ Primer, The Human Energy System.
    Having occupied myself primarily with the physical body in recent years, focussing on nutrition, I find this book a great entry into understanding and seeing the body’s energy systems. Examples of scientifically measured energy and the background to techniques to visually capturing energy, like Kirlian photography, help the reader to get a real sense of a subject that can seem abstract and unreal. Concepts of aura, energy fields and chakras of the human body and other life forms become easier to grasp and are explained in appropriate detail. In particular I like the full colour images of the various chakras. This book also includes an overview to the body’s organ systems; useful to get a short intro to how things work. The book is loaded with practical exercises that are easy to follow. I appreciate the simplicity of the exercises, and look forward to learning more when Fe Pacheco holds her workshops in Victoria, BC this June.

  2. Thanks for the book review.
    I just ordered by copy, really looking forward to reading it.
    Always been interested in energy healing and cultivation, it looks like a great book.

  3. I highly recommend this book to all Energy Healers and anyone who is in the healing arts.
    It’s a great introduction into energy healing.
    A great explanation of the chakras and the energy world.
    I am so looking forward to the next edition in this healing method.
    Thank you for writing this great book on Scalar Prana.
    Scott Burbank

  4. We ordered the ScalarPrana book last week and it got here in couple of days,
    I have been reading the book for the last few days and loving each chapter.
    The full colour chakra images are wonderful.

  5. This book is having a great success in Italy, it’s simple but full of precious information both for trained practitioners of energetic healing work and for those who have no experience or knowledge of it.
    We love it !

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