10 Health Questions

10 Health Questions that will change your life

Self Reflection
I have used these questions in my nutritional consultations with great success
and the feedback has been amazing.
Self reflection & self correction is the highest form of self learning & healing.

Here are 10 simple questions to ask yourself.
After each answer, ask yourself: WHY?

1. How important is health to you?

2. What do you normally have for breakfast?

3. What do you normally have for lunch?

4. What do you normally have for dinner?

5. Do you drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, marijuana or other substances: drink alcohol, or take prescription medications?

6. How much alkaline or purified water do you drink throughout the day?

7. What is your favorite non-food, also known as junk-food?

8. How many hours of sleep do you think you need and how many hours of sleep do you average?

9. Do you consciously practice rhythmic breathing everyday?

10. What is your favorite form of exercise and how often do you exercise?

Make sure you answer the above questions, they might change your health forever.

To Your Health,
Fred Shadian
co-founder of Vibrational Nutrition

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